Ninne Pelladatha: Here’s What Went Down When Tarun And Tanaya Came Home, Married

Sneha Bale

July 17, 2019


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1. Arjun signs the property papers

Finally, the day arrived when one more couple took charge of their lives instead of waiting for a miracle. In case you missed it, Tarun and Tanaya, in the Telugu TV show Ninne Pelladatha, got married. But just as we expected, the road ahead isn’t a smooth one for them. We bring you a break-up of all that went down in the Kamineni house.

Tired of waiting for Tarun’s arrival and taunts from Brahmini and Komali, Tarun’s father Arjun signs the property papers. He assures that as soon as Tarun comes home, he will make him sign the papers and get him married to Sarayu (played by Sarayu Roy).

2. Tarun and Tanaya make an entry

Tarun and Tanaya come home, along with Mrudula (played by Madhubala). Initially, no one pays attention to Mrudula, because the recovery from looking at Tarun and Tanaya takes too long. Mrudula had forced them to promise that they will not utter a single word, and they do as told.

3. Arjun slaps Tarun

A few moments later, Arjun gets back to his senses and starts talking. He asks Tarun why would he do something so bizarre and why he married Tanaya when he had promised to stay away from her. Arjun also asks his son about the promises made to Komali. Without waiting for his answer, Arjun slaps Tarun.

4. Brahmini questions Tanaya's guts

Tanaya is the first to speak and break the silence. But just as she starts talking, Brahmini shuts her up and asks where she got the newfound guts from in order to do such a thing.

5. Brahmini calls her kids a disgrace

Brahmini continues to bash Tanaya for marrying Tarun, without her permission, presence and against her will. She then moves to Madhu (played by Abhi Prathap) and taunts that first he married Mrudula unnecessarily and now Tanaya too followed his footsteps. Brahmini calls Madhu and Tanaya a disgrace to her and her family.

6. Tarun tries to explain, but Mrudula intervenes

Tarun explains that he has married the girl he loves, but she also happens to be his mardal. He tells his father that he had to take this step to stop the family from crumbling down. But Mrudula takes the blame. She asks him to stay quiet and explains that she got them married because she wanted to keep the lovers together.

7. Komali questions everyone

Everyone loses their mind when they learn about Mrudula’s intentions and guts. Komali starts asking everyone for a solution to the problem. She asks what the mother-daughter will do now that the groom has abandoned her daughter for the second time. She goes on a rant and digs out old issues.

8. Sarayu blames it all on Mrudula

Sarayu asks her mom to stop blaming Tarun for everything. She says Tarun would have done whatever his parents asked him to, but it is Mrudula who brainwashed him into thinking and doing something entirely against the family.

9. Komali tortures Mrudula

Komali holds Mrudula by the neck and asks her why she did something like this knowing Tarun was to marry Sarayu. She asks where Mrudula got the courage for such a thing. Komali starts blaming everyone else in the house for giving Mrudula the freedom to do what she wants. Mansi joins Komali in bashing Mrudula too.

10. Bharati asks Mrudula for an explanation

Bharati drags Mrudula away from the monsters and asks calmly why she would betray her family. Bharati questions their importance in Mrudula’s life.

11. Madhu loses his calm

Considering the heated environment, Madhu too closes his calm. He yells at Mrudula for taking such a big step without informing him. He asks what her reasons were and Mrudula pleads him to understand even if none others can.

12. Sarayu loses her sanity

It takes time but it happens! Wondering what? Sarayu losing her sanity and unleashing her inner crazy. She holds Mrudula by the neck and drags her outside the house. When Madhu tries to stop Sarayu, she pushes him away and knocks Mrudula to the cold hard ground.

13. Mrudula speaks up, finally

When it’s all done and dusted, Mrudula gets back up on her feet and starts talking, for once. She tells everyone that she has no ill feelings for anyone in the house. She turns to Sarayu and tells her that if only she had resorted to love and politeness instead of wanting to threaten and kill people, today Tarun would have married her.

Can things turn around for the better? Stay tuned for more updates. Meanwhile, watch Kalyana Vaibhogam on ZEE5.

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