Ninne Pelladatha: 5 ways in which Mrudula and Madhu’s life has changed with the arrival of their baby!

Madhu and Mrudula’s life has taken a whole new turn with the arrival of their much-awaited baby! Here’s how.

Sneha Bale

September 9, 2020


1 min


The fight has been a long one for Madhu and Mrudula (Prathap and Madhubala) in Ninne Pelladatha, for a moment of happiness. Even now, after they turned parents, troubles surround them. Problematic people like Ilavarshi and Komali are constantly eyeing their happiness and waiting for the next best opportunity to hurt them. Even today, people are constantly finding a reason to drag Madhu and Mrudula away from each other. We have seen several changes in the couple and just thought we need to make a note of it!

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