Nikka Zaildar 2: 5 Reasons Why Boys Should Not Be Like Nikka


May 6, 2020


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1. Nikka Is Cowardly

The 2017 film Nikka Zaildar 2 stars Ammy Virk, Sonam Bajwa, and Wamiqa Gabbi in lead roles. The super hit love story deals with the love triangle of Nikka (Ammy), Roop (Sonam), and Saawan (Wamiqa). Well, even though Ammy did a fantastic job in portraying the role of Nikka, this is one character boys should remain far away from. Here are our reasons for it.

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1. Nikka Is Cowardly

Yes, unfortunately, this is a sad fact about Nikka. He is a jolly-good fellow but he is a little weak too. He loves Saawan Kaur, but he keeps it as a secret and they don’t even talk freely in the presence of others. Nikka gets married to Roop but he doesn’t have the courage to walk away from the marriage or confess his love for Saawan.

2. Nikka Is Confused

The worst state a relationship can be is one where your partner doesn’t know why they are with you. If you love someone, confess it. If you are getting married to someone else, dare to speak it out, rather than keeping it inside. Nikka and Roop get married, and Roop is happy with her new life, but Nikka is not. The reason is simple, he can’t accept this marriage, but he is very confused about how to tell Roop about his true feelings. After a few days, Nikka reveals his intentions, but it is too late. It is a testament to Roop’s bravery that she still agrees to divorce him and let him walk away from the marriage. When Nikka is about to get married to Saawan, he starts getting hints of being in love with Roop, but again he is confused and he lets the wedding preparations go on. It is only on the wedding day when Nikka shows little courage and tell Saawan that he loves Roop.

3. Nikka Is Afraid of Confrontation

Call it his timidness or his friendly nature that makes Nikka soft-spoken, but he is also a person who can’t stand up for what’s right. When Roop’s future husband asks for a motorbike, Nikka tries to convince Roop’s family to give it to him, as it is a minimal demand and this is normal. However, her family refuses to get her married to that guy. Later they decide that Nikka and Roop will be married. But Nikka doesn’t take a proper stand on getting married to his friend Roop. Nikka could have been little stubborn and insisted on his and Saawan’s marriage, but no, his fear of confrontation leads him to accept this blindly.

4. Nikkis Is Inconsiderate

This is one factor everyone will agree upon. Once you’re married, you have to move on from the past and begin a new life with your spouse. But Nikka feels disconnected and uncomfortable with Roop. After few days Nikka confesses that he loves Saawan. He decides to leave Roop for Saawan and get married again. When Roop says to Beeji (Nirmal Rishi) that the marriage is failing because of her, Nikka just agrees with her. Isn’t he incosiderate? Finally, Nikka and Saawan are getting married, and on the day of the wedding, Nikka says that he loves Roop and leaves Saawan with shattered dreams.

5. Nikka Is Blind To Roop's Love

Nikka’s your wife leaves no stone unturned to secure his happiness, and is ready to leave him because he is stuck in the past. Roop is ready to face the world and its consequences, and she’s happily taking the blame of a failed marriage. Why can’t Nikka understand that it is her love for him, that encourages her to leave him for his happiness? Roop wants to see Nikka happy and for that, she can do anything. She can even give up her marriage. You seriously ask yourself, is he blind to her love?

So, these are the reasons why one should not be like Nikka. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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