Newborn Girl Found Floating In Wooden Box In Ganga, Rescued By Local Boatman

The baby is currently placed in a neonatal care unit at a government hospital in UP’s Ghazipur, however she is completely fine.

Aboli Vaze

June 22, 2021

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A shocking video of a newborn baby girl floating in a wooden box has surfaced on the internet recently. The video shows a 21-day-old baby girl sleeping in a wooden box in River Ganga. As per reports, was rescued by the locals and is in healthy condition as of now. She is currently placed in a neonatal care unit at a government hospital in UP’s Ghazipur. CM Yogi Adityanath took to social media to announce that the govt will bear all the expenses related to the baby’s upbringing and nurturing.

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According to reports, the newborn baby was found in a plywood box near the banks of river Ganga. In the box, she was wrapped in a red garment and pictures of several Hindu deities were attached to it. A few horoscopes were also placed in the box next to her.

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She was saved by a local boatman, who picked her from the box and carried her home in his arms. He said, ‘a few people heard the baby crying inside the box, but nobody was ready to open it. I ran to the ghat to rescue the baby. When I was carrying her home, a large crowd gathered near me. We still don’t know who her parents are..’

As per reports, once the baby is discharged from the hospital, she will be placed in a shelter home for children.

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