New York To Reopen Schools In Full Capacity From September 2021

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio believes schools will be able to arrange for full capacity classroom learning with social distancing practices.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

May 27, 2021

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For many people across the globe and several generations, their schooling years feel like the best time. It is a time when individuals get to learn, develop, hone skills and spend loads of time with friends. The coronavirus pandemic caused millions of kids in the world to lose out on almost 2 years of schooling. However, New York is now all set to reopen schools with full capacity starting this September!

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As one grows up, they realise how school years were some of the most stress-free years where they were the happiest versions of themselves. The COVID-19 pandemic took away two years of that time from countless students, who missed out on classroom learning for the duration. But students of New York schools are soon to get it back as their reopening has been announced. Starting September this year, schools in New York will reopen for in-class learning at full capacity.

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Classes held in person in New York schools following the reopening will take place for five days every week. It is interesting how New York has the largest public school system in the USA. There are about one thousand and eight hundred public schools in New York with more than 1.1 million students who are enrolled in them. There are some social distancing concerns surrounding the decision to reopen. But the city’s Mayor, Bill de Blasio, believes the school shall be able to arrange for in-person learning in full capacity while also maintaining a distance of 3-feet between students.

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