New Vocab Alert! 5 Cool Urdu Words We Learnt From Ek Jhooti Love Story, A Zindagi Original

Wouldn’t it be cool to use catchy Urdu words in daily conversations? Here are a few Urdu words from EJLS to enhance your vocab!

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November 3, 2020

Original Series

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The Urdu language ZEE original series, Ek Jhooti Love Story (EJLS) has undoubtedly captured Indian hearts with its fresh storyline and catchy dialogues, leaving audience quite hooked on this Pakistan based social-comedy.

Watch the trailer here:

The dialogues of this show starring Pakistani heartthrob Bilal Abbas Khan as Sohail and Madiha Imam as Salma are written in Urdu, or the language of love, and beautifully capture the nuances of love in the era of social media. They make everything poetic and charming and can also be used in day-to-day conversations. On that note, here are a few cool words from the show that you can use in everyday conversation.

Dastaan – Story

Dastaan or story means an imaginative or a real life tale and is used quite colloquially in Urdu. For example, Dadi ne aaj pariyon ki dastaan sunai (Grandma narrated a fairy tale today). On the show, it is used on multiple occasions and is simply a beautiful word.

Sabr – Patience

Sabr or patience refer to the ability to tolerate delay or suffering without getting anxious or annoyed. Asking someone to be patient is something we do a lot these days therefore “Sabr” should definitely come in handy. It can be used in a sentence like Sabr rakho, sab theek ho jaayega (be patient, everything will be alright). On the show, Salma’s mother urges her to have patience when Salma wonders if she will ever find her prince charming.

Lafz – Word

Lafz or word refer to a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, and can be used to form sentences. Lafz adds a very poetic touch to any sentence and can be used like Aapke lafzon ne khush kardiya mujhe (your words have made me happy). On the show, Salma’s sister can be snarkily seen saying “che lafz bole hai isne, vo bhi galat” when Salma dreamily watches Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding on television.


Malika – Queen

Malika or Queen refers to a ruler and is often used for someone in power. For example, Mere khwabon ki malika hai vo (She is the queen of my dreams). On the show, Salma can be seen saying “Raat ko chand ghante is fake ID se malika ban jaati hoon” as she logs into her fake profile.

Humdardi – Sympathy

Humdardi or sympathy refer to having feelings of pity or sorrow for someone else. In a sentence, it can be used as “Mujhe mere dost ke liye bohot humdardi hai” (I have sympathy for my friend). On EJLS, Salma can be seen saying “mujhe apni beheno se bohot humdardi hai” while feeling quite helpless for her sisters.

These words are quite fad, and are sure to add a nice ring to your conversations!

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