New Study Shows Global Negative Sentiment Against China

A new survey reveals that China’s standing has plummeted globally after the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan. Australians reveal that they don’t trust Xi Jinping and his country

Raghav N

October 8, 2020

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A new survey by the Pew Research Center shows that it isn’t just the United States President Donald Trump who harbors negative sentiments towards China. The study’s findings reveal that the perception of the nation, where the destructive COVID19 pandemic originated, has gone down considerably across the leading nations of the world.

People from Australia, South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, Britain, Spain, Canada, Sweden, US and Japan participated in this opinion poll. Neighboring country Japan topped the list with 86% of its participants showing negative sentiment towards the Xi Jinping republic. Australia, one of China’s closest economic allies, exhibited surprising results with four out of five Australians showing a lack of trust towards the communist country. This is in contrast to the 2017 survey in Australia, where 68% of those questioned were in favour of China.

South Korea has been applauded globally for its Coronavirus response, but its younger people prefer to keep China at bay. Ironically, Italy, which was the first hotspot outside China’s Wuhan, said that the pandemic’s origin country handled the crisis well.

In America, many contributors feel that Trump, despite all the criticism and his casual attitude towards COVID19, took care of the situation better than the second-largest Asian country.

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