Never Kiss Your Best Friend: All You Need To Know About Sumer And Tanie’s Love Story

Sumrit Shahi’s best-seller is now being adapted into a ZEE5 Original by the same name, starring Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh. 

Aayushi Sharma

January 2, 2020


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Help her pick lingerie for her date night. Help him with his girlfriend problems. Get her parents on your side. Make it your birth right to use his everything in his closet. Feel free to share your deepest secret without worrying about being judged, not even for crying during cheesy rom-coms. Never hesitate to blackmail him for all the silly things he hides from the world. Start your day by texting her first. End your day with a phone conversation with him. All the ups and downs in life, do all you want with your best friend. But, never kiss your best friend! Sumrit Shahi’s novel ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend‘ is a beautiful narration of the bond shared by two best friends, it sort of redefines friendship. Shahi’s best-seller is now being adapted into a ZEE5 Original by the same name, starring Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh.

So, what is Never Kiss Your Best Friend about you ask? Friendship. The book is mainly centered around two BFFs who are thick as thieves and just cannot do without each other. However, it doesn’t always happen that you have the same BFF all your life. People change, life happens. But ever wondered how would it be if you reconnect with that person, who once meant the world to you, after years? Tanie and Sumer are one such duo who happen to find themselves on the crossroads of life. The novel is a gift for the hopeless romantics for Shahi pens down every fight so beautifully. So much so, that it just might make you fall for the one person you have ‘friendzoned’ all along!

Tanie and Sumer run away from their issues. As grown-ups, will they respond differently? Their witty and funny scenes take you back in time, bringing back memories of your high school bestie. Will Sumer and Tanie have a happy ending? Pick up the book and find out for yourself. More importantly, watch Never Kiss Your Best Friend on ZEE5 from 20 January 2019 onwards to find out if Sumer and Tanie actually kiss each other.

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Stay tuned to find out more about Never Kiss Your Best Friend. Did you like Nakuul and Anya’s characters? Tell us in the comments box below.

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