Neeyum Njanum: Here’s why the audiences love Rajaram’s character!

Here are 4 moments that explain why we love Rajaram on Neeyum Njanum!

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October 14, 2020


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Featuring Shiju Abdul Hameed and Sushmita Prabhakaran in the lead role, Neeyum Njanum tells the love story of Ravi and Sreelakshmi. Ravi is a business tycoon who is in his early forties who doesn’t even think about married life. Sreelakshmi’s parents are inviting proposals for her as she just completed her degree. The two meet each other in a chance encounter and instantly falls in love. With a number of interesting characters, Neeyum Njanum has given us some of the best moments on TV. If there is a favourite character, it is none other than the evil mastermind, Rajaram.

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Rajaram is Ravi’s personal assistant and he is a known trouble maker for his connections with his boss’ adversaries. For those who love watching Abees as Rajaram on the show, here are 4 moments that explain why we love him so much!

  1. Rajaram finds out Ravi’s secret
Rajaram from Neeyum Njanum (source:ZEE5)
Rajaram from Neeyum Njanum (Source: ZEE5)

Rajaram is known for his crooked plans that always lands him in trouble. Sandra knew he was the best man for the job to spy on Ravi as he starts going missing from the office. Fun scenes follow as Rajaram goes sneaking around in Sreelakshmi’s colony to find out that Ravi was hiding there.

He figures out that the recent changes in Ravi happened because of his budding romance with Sreelakshmi. What will be Rajaram’s next plan? Keep watching the Malayalam serial Neeyum Njanum to find out!

  1. Rajaram reminds Ravi of the meeting
Rajaram from Neeyum Njanum (Source:ZEE5)
Rajaram from Neeyum Njanum (Source: ZEE5)

Rajaram understands that Ravi is in his own world as Sreelaskshmi came into his life. He figures out that Ravi has also forgotten about important meetings and events. In order to make Ravi admit that he likes Sreelakshmi, Rajaram figures out a way to block his meeting with her.

As Ravi prepares to leave to meet Sreelakshmi, Rajaram reminds him about the business meeting he had scheduled to attend. Later, Rajaram is made to face Ravi’s anger for irritating him.

  1. Rajaram and Sandra plan against Sreelakshmi
Rajaram advises Sandra (source:ZEE5)
Rajaram advises Sandra (Source: ZEE5)

Rajaram figures out that Sandra is jealous of Sreelakshmi’s connection with Ravi. He uses the same against Ravi by brainwashing her. When Sandra tells Rajaram about how Sreelaskhmi had contacted her for money, Rajaram is quick to turn it into an opportunity to hurt Ravi. He asks Sandra to make sure that Sreelakshmi is embarrassed by the end of their plan. Things backfire for Rajaram and Sandra when their plan draws Ravi and Sreelaskshmi closer than before.

  1. Rajaram tries to motivate Ravi
Rajaram tries to motivate Ravi (source:ZEE5)
Rajaram tries to motivate Ravi (Source: ZEE5)

Rajaram learns that Ravi is distracted from his business affairs due to his relationship with Sreelakshmi. Intense moments follow as Rajaram takes charge as an advisor to Ravi and tells him about how his company needs him for business. He gave us one of the best scenes when he tried to motivate Ravi by reminding him that he is a business icon who shouldn’t be distracted by such trivial matters.

Which was your favourite scene from Rajaram on the Malayalam serial Neeyum Njanum? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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