Neeyum Njanum: Here is why we love to hate Sandra!

Here are 4 moments that best explain why we love to hate Sandra on Neeyum Njanum

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October 31, 2020


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Sandra from the Malayalam serial Neeyum Njanum have given us some of the most intense moments to re-watch and enjoy. Be it her chemistry with characters like Ravi, Raghu and Rajaram, or her many moments as the opportunistic employee of the Varman group, Sandra has given us some of the most enjoyable moments on the Malayalam serial Neeyum Njanum. For everyone who loves her on Neeyum Njanum, here are some of the best moments where she proved that she is the most liked villainess of the show!

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  1. Sandra keeps Ravi from meeting Sreelakshmi
Sandra from Neeyum Njanum (source:ZEE5)
Sandra from Neeyum Njanum (source:ZEE5)

Sandra sees Sreelakshmi as a potential replacement of her in the firm and it makes the latter her enemy. When Sandra figure out that Ravi is going to meet Sreelakshmi, she quickly formulates a plan to keep him from meeting her. She tells him about the upcoming board meeting and makes him stay at the office so that he will cancel his plans. Sandra’s plan fails miserably as it only brings Ravi closer to Sreelakshmi.

  1. Sandra supports Raghu
Sandra from Neeyum Njanum (Source:ZEE5)
Sandra from Neeyum Njanum (Source:ZEE5)

Sandra walks in on Raghu yelling at Sreelakshmi for her leave application letter. Sandra adds fuel to the fire by reminding him about Sreelakshmi’s mistakes and also tells him about her upcoming marriage. Raghu gets infuriated upon hearing the complaints and confiscates Sreelakshmi’s phone. We all felt for Sreelakshmi when she starts crying about having to miss going out with her parents and Ravi for the first time.

  1. Sandra taunts Sreelakshmi
Sandra's plan fails again (source:ZEE5)
Sandra’s plan fails again (source:ZEE5)

Sandra is known in the office for her cruel ways of treating the employees by giving them long work hours. Sandra is quick to make use of the opportunity from Raghu to taunt Sreelakshmi by giving her extra work. Sreelakshmi starts crying when Sandra tells her that she won’t be leaving the office without finishing the work. Sandra’s plan fails again as Ravi lashes out at Raghu for his behaviour with Sreelakshmi as he hears about the issue.

  1. Rajaram gets an earful from Sandra
Sandra gives an earful to Rajaram (source:ZEE5)
Sandra gives an earful to Rajaram (source:ZEE5)

Unlike other villainesses Sandra operates alone and doesn’t enjoy teaming up with others. Rajaram on the other hand figures out that Sreelakshmi is his trump card to be in Ravi’s good books. When Rajaram goes to console Sreelakshmi, Sandra catches him red-handed. Sandra tells Rajaram about how he can’t overrule her decisions and even shows him his place as Ravi’s assistance. Sandra’s plan fails again as Rajaram outsmarts her and informs Ravi about her.

Which was your favourite moments from Sandra on the Neeyum Njanum? Tell us in the comments below!

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