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Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham, Suryavamsam: With Surya’s Prank Going A Bit Too Far, Anu’s Reaction Took Up By Surprise

Bhavna Gandikota

January 29, 2021

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Once in a blue moon, we see Anu from Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham smile with the confidence that she did, and Surya’s prank was the reason!

Anu from Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham happens to be amongst one of the most soft-spoken and tolerant people. However, this time Surya from Suryavamsam happened to show us a fun side to her that we could have never thought of seeing otherwise. After how the prank unfolded, you wouldn’t imagine that Anu would be smiling and taking it sportingly.

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When Surya hid Samantha’s purse, he had no idea that she would in turn report it to the police. They had a long day trying to find her bag since it had all the crucial documents. When Surya had figured that he had taken the prank too far, he confessed to Anu and turned to her for help. You would expect her to be the righteous woman she is, and lecture Surya since they had wasted so much time behind the bag, even involving the police. Anu would ideally hate to have wasted so much time and gotten upset but her reaction this time was really pleasantly surprising.

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Anu really loved the prank and started smiling. She decided to have some fun with him at first, listening to how scared he was but did not get upset or turned him in. It was after a long time that she had actually enjoyed herself given all that she has gone through in her personal life. The prank probably reminded her to smile during the most troubled times, which is why she loved it.

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