Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: Here’s Why Surya Pretending To Be A Delivery Boy Won Hearts

Even when death stares at him, Surya would do everything to meet Anu. Here’s what he does now

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November 19, 2020



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While Surya and Anu’s relationship is blossoming, they haven’t confessed their feelings to one another yet. Surya loves Anu and longs to see her whenever she is not around. Pankaj anticipated the threat that came in the form of Surendran and decided to lock Surya Prakash in a safe house for his own safety. However, when it comes to staying away from Anu, Surya can barely seem to cut it. As soon as he finds the chance Surya Prakash tricks Pankaj and meets Anu as a pizza delivery boy.

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First, he tells Anu to meet at a place of her choice and while Anu waits for him, he orders a pizza and exchanges clothes with the pizza delivery boy. Here we see that Surya is being followed by Surendran’s men. Surendran does not know about this and is very happy en route to see Anu. Later, he pranks Anu by pretending to be a waiter and asking if she wants to eat. It almost feels like they will confess to each other but that they are too shy to express how they feel towards each other. They seem to be having a moment when Surendran has his man pointing a gun at Surya from a distance.

Will Anu’s love be the cause of Surya’s death? Or he will he emerge victorious like he always does? Much like everyone all we are waiting for is to see them together and be happy as they were.

About Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: 

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham is a Tamil romantic drama show starring Jai Akash and Darshana. The story revolves around a business tycoon, Surya Prakash, who’s unmarried ever since his wife’s demise, and a girl-next-door Anu, who hails from the lower-middle-class strata, pursuing her education. Surya Prakash’s life takes a turn after meeting Anu. The couple, however, proves that when two souls are meant to be together, they find their way despite belonging to two different generations!

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