Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: Here Are A Few Times That Swami Aadi Reassured That Truth Wins

Swami Aadi symbolises the arrival of some danger, yet she gives everyone the confidence that they need to overcome it.

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November 22, 2020



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If anyone were to tell you that there is someone who can sense when danger is approaching you, they would be regarded as no less than God. Which is why Swami Aadi is no less than a god woman to everyone that knows her. Before trouble reaches their house, Aadi comes over and alerts them always.

Recently, as soon as Surendran was released from jail, even before Pankaj got a call from Surendran, Swami Aadi had gone to Anu’s mother to tell her that there was a danger that awaited them. This happened as soon as she finished her pooja. Out of nowhere, this gifted woman walked into Anu’s house and predicted that a big obstacle awaits her close ones. She told her that it won’t be easy but she also assured her that the power of her will and goodness will never let her lose.

As soon as Surya stepped out to meet Anu, Surendran had a shooter follow Surya. He easily located where Surya was and had him at gunpoint. Oblivious to this, Surya and Anu were sharing a moment at the cafe. While he did not know that death is staring at him, Swami Aadi promptly walked to Anu’s mother who was walking on the road. For Anu’s mother, Swami Aadi’s arrival is a sign of danger, yet she always looks forward to meeting her so that she can have her blessings

According to Swami Aadi, the Goddess herself tells her where to go and she blindly follows. She also tells Anu’s mother that the blessings of the goddess are always with her and she will always emerge victorious from any problem that she faces.

About Neenthane Enthan Ponvasantham:

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham is a Tamil romantic drama show starring Jai Akash and Darshana. The story revolves around a business tycoon, Surya Prakash, who mourns his wife’s demise, and a girl-next-door Anu, who hails from the lower-middle-class strata, pursuing her education. Surya Prakash’s life turns topsy-turvy after meeting Anu. The couple, however, proves that when two souls are meant to be together, they find their way despite belonging to two different generations!

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