Neenthane Enthan Ponvasantham: Who Is Surendran and why is he after Surya’s life?

In the last episode of Neenthane Enthan Ponvasantham, we learn that Surendran has been released from jail and wants to harm Surya but who is he?

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November 12, 2020


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The latest episode of Neenthane Enthan Ponvasantham ended with a cliff hanger and has left us all in suspense. The episode ends with the release of a dangerous criminal Surendran. He is out with only one motto which is to harm Surya Prakash played by Jai Akash.  

While Meera deviously sends Anu, played by Dr Darshana Ashokan, to another branch deliberately, Anu longs for Surya to come before he leaves for London. The episode starts with Anu hastily finding a taxi to reach the airport. However, she isn’t able to see Surya and is thus devastated. Neel finds her on the road and drops her home. By this time she is convinced that Surya has left for London and she will only be able to see him when he is back.

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Surya refuses to leave without seeing her and drives to her place to bid adieu before his trip. It is at this instance when Pankaj played by David Solomon Raja, gets a call that says Surendran is being set free. At one point when Pushpa (Anu’s mother) is praying, she encounters an omen. Swami Aadi then enters and tells Pushpa that chaos will reign their lives. It is now when Surendran is released from his cell.

Surendran is clearly Surya’s foe and has had rage against Surya for a long time. He was waiting to be released so he could kill him. Surendran also plans on going to London to accomplish his mission but fortunately, Surya cancelled his trip.

While viewers are eager to know who Surendran is and what he wants, one thing is for sure, he definitely is dangerous and unpredictable

About Neenthane Enthan Ponvasantham:

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham is a Tamil romantic drama show starring Jai Akash and Darshana. The story revolves around a business tycoon, Surya Prakash, who mourns his wife’s demise, and a girl-next-door Anu, who hails from the lower-middle-class strata, pursuing her education. Surya Prakash’s life turns topsy-turvy after meeting Anu. The couple, however, proves that when two souls are meant to be together, they find their way despite belonging to two different generations!

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