Need Hairstyle Ideas For V-Day? Take Cues From Kaay Ghadla Tya Ratri’s Smita Gondkar!

Take cues from Kay Ghadla Tya Ratri’s Smita Gondkar for some V-day special hairstyle ideas. 

Aboli Vaze

February 13, 2021



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It’s the season of love! With valentine’s day  being round the corner, we’re all geared up to celebrate the day with our special someone. While some are readying their gifts, some are selecting outfits. After all, this day is ought to be special, right? As it turns out, hairstyles play a major role in determining how good you look on this special day and we have got some ideas for you. Take cues from Kaay Ghadla Tya Ratri‘s Smita Gondkar for some V-day hairstyle ideas.

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1. Side twist tail

Almost like a fishtail, a side twist tail is slightly easier to create. Make a low ponytail on either side and divide it into two sections. Take the two sections and twist them around each other until the end. Secure them with a tight band and you’re good to go!

2. Bun with loose, curly strands

A bun is super effortless and easy to make. Puff up the front section of your hair a bit and leave a few loose strands before setting the bun. Take a curling iron and curl up the loose strands just like Smita has done here. Doesn’t it look effortless and stylish?

3. Crimped hair

For a date night look, crimped hair is again one of the best ideas. To achieve this hairstyle, you can either use a styling tool or do it manually. Add a few colorful pins or any other hair accessories of your choice to make the hairstyle even better.

4. Straight hair, puff and bangs 

It is time to bring back puffs again, don’t you think? If you’re going for a sleek look this V-day, copy this hairstyle of Smita. She has straightened her hair and made a small puff in the front section. She has also opted for side bangs for this look. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

5. Half Ponytail

Even though half ponytail sounds like a rather simple and everyday hairstyle, the trick here is to make make a loose side puff for the ponytail. After securing the ponytail, curl the remaining hair or style them in loose waves for a simple yet elegant look.

Smita Gondkar has always impressed us with her creative hairstyles and these were some of our favourites. Which one will you pick for your date night, this Valentine’s Day?

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