Nearly 230 Dead As Armenia-Azerbaijan Clashes Continue

While Armenia has claimed missile attacks from Azerbaijan on its regions, the latter blamed the Armenian forces of a rocket attack that killed a civilian and injured 4 others

Raghav N

October 5, 2020

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Clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region that has left more than 230 people dead till now, continued for the seventh consecutive day. Armenia claimed that the Karabakh regions of Stepanakert and Martakert were under missile attacks from the Azerbaijan Air Force.

Azerbaijan on the other hand blamed Armenia for the death of one civilian and injuring four other people in a rocket invasion in Ganja by the latter. The attack was condemned by neighboring country Turkey, that supported Azerbaijan in its conflict.

Azeri President Ilham Aliyev posted on his social media declaring victory over their opponents, while residents of Baku, the capital city, took to the streets chanting slogans and displaying banners announcing their ownership over Karabakh.

Armenian President Nikol Pashinyan sent a strong message through his televised speech on Saturday, announcing that all necessary measures will be taken by his government to protect his ethnic populations from the Azerbaijanis. He added that his countrymen should dedicate themselves to the single goal of victory and break the enemy’s back to ensure that they never return.

Armenia had earlier said that it would work with Russia, United States and France on renewing the ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh. However, Azerbaijan has not responded to the calls for a truce despite appeals from the three major world powers.

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