Naxalbari: 4 Plot Twists That Changed The Narrative And Left Us Completely Shocked

Naxalbari paid off on important plot points and did justice to character motivations. Check out the four twists that make this #ThokKeBadla show worth a watch, or maybe more!

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December 30, 2020


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Over the course, Naxalbari essayed a complex subject which none of us were well-aware of and yet it also managed to be more of a character-driven story told from different backgrounds and points of view; be it an STF agent, a sharp-minded corporate consultant, and most importantly a Naxal group. The show introduced viewers to an entirely new world of a revolutionary underground in the best way possible.

Naxalbari paid off on important plot points and did justice to character motivations better than any other show in the OTT space. And despite being based on an untouched subject, it managed to keep the viewers hooked to their screens. And all of this was not possible without an engaging and shifting plot. The twists and turns which completely took all of us by surprise were equally vital as compared to the theme of the show and its narrative.

Here’s taking a look at these plot twists which changed the whole narrative and kept us guessing further:

Back To The Zone

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Naxalbari paces mostly from Raghav’s (Rajeev Khandelwal) perspective. He is an STF agent completely dedicated to his job. While battling the on-field criminals, Raghav also deals with his personal tragedies which are mostly related to his relationship with his father who also happens to be a Police Commissioner. And we never know the reason behind their complex and absurd relationship. However, when Raghav is kidnapped by the Naxals, he comes to terms with an unexpected revelation. Raghav’s real parents were accused of being Naxals and they commited suicide resulting in him getting adopted by Mr.Joshi. This was the first twist but this part was just the beginning of what comes further in the storyline.


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Raghav shares a loving relationship with Ketki (Tina Datta) and they seem to be made for each other, quite understanding and the bond they share is beyond anything. And while viewers underestimate Ketki’s character, there comes a plot shift where we are disclosed about the past of Ketki, who happens to be an important member of the Naxal revolution. Her character has a history that compelled her to revolt against the wrong. And as a viewer, we never expect this shift of narrative.

Divide Between The Force

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We also get to experience the perspective of the force dealing with the Naxal movement. They are trapped with different political ideologies and at the same time, they deal with their class/caste identities. In a scene, nearing the climax , we are surprised to know the divide between the force itself as they fight amongst themselves. And this divide is weaved with the history of caste discrimination and still continues to go on with a dose of political propaganda. 

A New Beginning

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The climax twist is the biggest turn in the story of Naxalbari as it changes the way we look at Keswani’s character essayed by Aamir Ali who happens to be a sharp-minded corporate consultant. And at the end we find out that he’s the one who runs the Naxal movement. Twas one of the best character-driven shifts ever written. And he survives the final face-off, doing justice to the show’s sounding theme “Ant Hi Prarambh Hai” (Ending Is A New Beginning).

If you’re yet to watch Naxalbari, then do add it to your watchlist.

Naxalbari is streaming on Zee5.

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