National Youth Day: Watch How These Teen Innovators Are Changing Everyday Lives

On this National Youth Day, watch something different. Watch these young minds solve problems, both big and small on Teenovation on ZEE5.

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January 12, 2021



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Swami Vivekananda was born on January 12th 1863. He led a saintly life and died at the young age of 39. But in the course of his lifetime, his words have remained and inspired countless youngsters. Preacher of education and peace, he gave his life away to the causes and always encouraged the youth to push themselves to the limit. The government of India declared January 12th to be the National Youth Day in his honour. On this day, schools and universities usually hold various competitions and events to encourage children to reach their potential. Similarly, Teenovation is a children’s show on ZEE5 which celebrates teen innovators who are inspired to create inventions that change everyday lives!

The show is hosted by Prabal Panjabi, who takes it upon himself to travel the whole of India to meet these young innovators. He begins his journey from Kashmir.

Shazia Khan From Kashmir

Prabal meets Shazia Khan, a teenager who believes that tradition is important and one shouldn’t replace everything in the modern era. Her innovation involves a traditional Kashmiri tea kettle, Samovar, which uses coal. This kettle lost its popularity after the unavailability of coal in Kashmir. Her solution was to create a knob mechanism and a pipeline so that the samovar would use not coal, but just gas. The invention works really well and is a great mix of tradition and modern, all while reducing the time!

Watch her episode here.

Wani Brothers from Kashmir

A set of twins brothers from Kashmir have invented several things out of which one is a hoe-cum-spade. It can be bent and locked and can become either of the two. Another invention is an apple cutter and picker which actually saves a lot of time and effort by easily snipping down apples from high branches non-evasively.

Watch the episode here.

Ankita Nagarkar from Pune

Ankita Nagarkar from Pune comes up with a very simple and easy way of understanding when your stapler pins might be getting over! The idea is to colour the last couple of pins in the set and then add it to your stapler. As you use the stapler and the non-coloured pins begin to replace the coloured ones, you can understand that it’s time to keep a fresh set of stapler pins ready!

Watch her episode here.

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A Group of Friends from Odisha

A set of friends in Odisha came up with a model that is a tap and a handpump put together, but will not submerge in the flood water when it floods. As Odisha is a state that experiences floods regularly, this invention will not only save water but will also help stop the mixing of groundwater with flood water with the help of a chemical called alkaline.

Watch the episode here.

Girls from Kanyakumari

Three girls from Kanyakumari made a helmet that is connected to the bike. Imagine a bike that does not let you start it until you wear your helmet! This genius idea was thought by girls who cannot even speak English properly.

Watch the episode here.

On this National Youth Day, inspire yourselves by watching these young geniuses on Teenovation on ZEE5.

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