NASA Reveals That The Artemis Moon Programme Is A Stepping Stone To Mars

NASA has revealed that their planned Moon exploration plan for 2024 will act as a stepping stone for the Mars mission in the future!

Amir Khollam

November 4, 2020

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NASA has been gearing up to send the next man and the first woman ever to the Moon’s surface as early as 2024. The Artemis Plan to land to the Moon in 2024 is a bold challenge, according to NASA itself, however, it holds great importance as it lays down the roadmap of how to get to Mars. Check out the video of NASA’s chief exploration scientist Jacob Bleacher talking about how the latest moon programme is a ‘stepping stone’ to Mars for NASA sand humanity in general –

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The red planet has been the end-goal for NASA for a while now and to conquer the moon journey brings clarity to the organization of how to get to Mars. Back on September 26, 2020, the administrator of NASA and associate administrator of NASA’s Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, Jim Bridenstine and Bill Gerstenmaier respectively, had expressed in a press conference that since going to the Moon is only a three-day journey back home, the organization can prove all their testing technologies and reduce the risks of lives by trying different maturations which are required to live, survive, and thrive in an alien planet like the Mars. Check out what NASA plans on doing on the Moon in 2024 below –

While Mars has been an endgame for NASA for the past few years, the crewed mission to the red planet has been aimed by the organization to commence in 2030. Thus, the current work in the Artemis programme is crucial to the long journey in the future. Things stand at an interesting place for NASA’s Mars programme as the Artemis programme will allow sustainable space exploration, which is crucial for the distant missions to Mars, and hopefully, other planets.

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