Namma Favourite Jodi, Lucky And Geetha Are A Perfect Representation Of The Yin Yang

The onscreen chemistry of the Bramhagantu jodi is a visual treat.

Parinika Uchil

November 10, 2019

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You all know that Zee Kannada’s fictional story line-ups are seldom boring. One such show is Bramhagantu, starring  Bharath Bopanna (as Lucky) and Geetha Bharathi Bhat (as Geetha). Lucky is a strong-headed kabaddi player while Geetha is a happy-go-lucky woman who lives life one day at a time.  They are married off under certain circumstances and begin their journey together.

Geetha’s onscreen performance will win your heart:

Over the course of time, Lucky and Geetha grow in their relationship. She falls head over heels for him right from the beginning but he takes some time to accept her. Yin and Yang are two opposite forces of nature that sync together in harmony to form the perfect balance of life. Similarly, a marriage is a union of two equally opposite people (in most cases) that come together because of their differences. Lucky defines the rules, boundaries and roles for both him and Geetha, while she takes care of all his needs when it comes to his work, and at home.

Generally, Lucky is a short-tempered guy while Geetha is calm and patient. Having two different personalities is always a good thing to avoid monotony. Remember, the Yin Yang are two different entities who come together to form a perfect balance.

What makes our favourite jodi so perfect is their imperfections! Even their fights are healthy because they prove that there is something worth fighting for. Without these ups and downs in a marriage, there is a void that a relationship goes through. Don’t worry about the past, work together on the present. The rest of the things, as they say, are just confetti!

Do you think you and your partner represent the Yin Yang too? What do you love about your partner? Share your experiences and thoughts in the space below.

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