Namma Appu Sir’s Doddmane Hudga Saw Him As A Rebel. It’s Time To Review His Action Scenes

Parinika Uchil

July 7, 2019


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1. Never insult aged people just for your personal entertainment

The Goons Anger Surya When They Throw A Handful Of Holi Colours On His Face After Insulting His Appaji

Surya beats the miscreant who abused Appaji, literally into a pulp. Puneeth Rajkumar did a fabulous job in marking his entry in the film with this masala-packed fight scene!

Showcasing his excellent directorial skills is the talented Duniya Suri, who has done a fabulous job with the family-action-drama, Doddmane Hudga. In the lead roles are the Rebel Star Ambareesh and the Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar. The story revolves around Surya, who for some reason stays without his family. How he is related to Doddmane Rajeev aka Ambareesh forms the remainder of the story.

2. Surya fights to protect innocent people

Surya Protects That Family Of An Influential Man Under Imminent Threat

Even though an influential man threatens Surya, he protects that man and his innocent family from a sudden attack. The scene is definitely worth every second. 

3. Saving a woman in need

Surya Gets Upset When Goons Chase After An Innocent-Looking Lady

Since Appu sir is our favourite, we love him in chivalrous roles, especially when it comes to a lady! He and Radhika Pandith, a.k.a. Usha/Nisha make a good pair indeed, don’t you think?

4. When Surya saves his dad from being attacked

A Man Who Tries To Attack His Father Is Beaten To Pulp Afterwards

Doddmane Rajeev is shocked when Surya approaches him, but little does he realise that there is a man trying to kill him. Thanks to his son Surya, he is saved in the nick of time. The fight scene afterwards will send shivers down your spine!!

5. A lesson in humility and pride

The Goons Are Smartly Put In Their Place By Surya Who Later Destroys Them

Surya impressively teaches Cable Babu and his goons a bunch of lessons before beating the hell out of each one of them. He then puts everyone down in this place by the end of the fight.

6. Cable Babu and Surya's final confrontation

After The Attack On His Father, Surya Doesn't Spare Cable Babu

Even though Cable Babu tries to show off his stature to Surya, their final battle is fruitful for only one.

Would you want to take a shot at which action scene was your absolute favourite?

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