Nakuul Mehta And Anya Singh Reveal Secrets About Each Other In This Exclusive Video!

Kenneth Carneiro

February 20, 2020


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1. Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh Disscuss Their Show

Fans have loved their chemistry on ZEE5’s latest release ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend‘. While the story of Sumer and Tanie may have been put on a halt after the 10 episode series, Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh continue to be good friends off-screen too. In these videos promoting their show on ZEE5, Nakuul and Anya’s real-life bonding is endearing to watch.

Nakuul and Anya begin by talking about the series and their characters. This is a fun chat where you can see Anya roll her eyes when Nakuul boasts about himself. Anya also reveals how they didn’t know each other before they began shooting but when they went to London and became good friends.

Nakuul And Anya Play Heads-up Charades

Like two old friends, Nakuul and Anya spent some time playing dumb charades with each other. Watch as they find a way to decode all the movie names with inside jokes and references they know the other person will know.

3. Nakuul and Anya Reveal Three Things About Their Characters

In this ‘Game of Three’ Nakuul and Anya discuss three things about their characters Sumer and Tanie. Be prepared for a lot of rajma-chawal references. There’s a funny moment where Anya says Sumer could become an alcoholic and Nakuul seems offended by the suggestion.

4. Nakuul and Anya Reveal Each Others Secrets

In this fun game ‘This or That’ Nakuul and Anya have to pick one out of two options. Coincidentally in the rapid-fire round both picked food over sex and house parties over clubbing.

4. Nakul And Anya Complete Song Lyrics

After a lot of talking, Nakuul and Anya played a game to complete songs lyrics. The round starts well with both helping each other fill in the blanks. When they find out that they cannot answer the last few songs, they collectively get mad at the anchor.

What was your favourite moment of Sumer and Tanie on the show? Let us know in the comments below. If you haven’t already watched the show, find Never Kiss Your Best Friend, streaming exclusively on ZEE5.

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