Nail Polish: Know About The Locations That This Nail-Biting Thriller Was Set In

Nail Polish has two primary locations important to its plot. Read here to find out about them.

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January 12, 2021



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Nail Polish is a courtroom thriller film, directed by Bugs Bhargava Krishna. It was released on ZEE5 on  January 1, 2021. The film is about the mysterious killings of 38 migrant children and the court case that follows it. Most part of the film is based in Lucknow, with some of it in a different part of the country. Read on to find out about the locations where Nail Polish is set in.


The case about the killing of migrant children has been shown to be happening for five years from the setting. 38 children have been killed in five years, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The film then brings us to the capital city, Lucknow. Manav Kaul’s character, Veer Singh is a sports coach in the city. Here, we see different locations in the same city – a playground where coaching takes place, a police station, a court, a prison, and a government hospital.

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Since it is the capital of the most populous state in India, Lucknow is one of the most happening cities in the country. We do not see much of the city apart from the aforementioned locations and the homes of the lawyers and the judge. However, we do see the court as a highly-functioning one. Also, we see the city being extremely active when we see the media and the people’s reactions to Veer Singh getting arrested.

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The movie, when it takes us to Charu Raina’s flashback, takes us to Kashmir. One of the most beautiful places, not only in India but also in the world, Kashmir is where Charu Raina used to live with her husband and kid. While this was made clear to us previously, we also see that Charu met Veer Singh in Kashmir, and together, they took us to some really beautiful locations. We see lakes, snowclad mountains, and beautiful forests.

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Kashmir has been known for the same. The beauty of the place is the contribution of nature that blooms to its best. Forests, lakes, and mountains have always been the primary attraction of Kashmir.

We also see Charu’s home and some other parts of the locality. Kashmir, even for a small part, plays an important role in the film, since it is the place where the biggest twists unfold. We also get a beautiful and melodious song, Gustakh Mausam, set in Kashmir. The song not only fits perfectly with the location but also with the characters’ (love) story that we are watching.

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