Nail Polish Ending Explained: Here’s What We Think About The Mind-Bending Climax Of This Arjun Rampal – Manav Kaul Starrer

Are you puzzled with Nail Polish’s ending? Here’s what we think happened in this Arjun Rampal – Manav Kaul led courtroom drama. Spoiler Alert!

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January 11, 2021


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Nail Polish, the latest film on ZEE5, is a courtroom thriller. It talks about a dark case of the killing of 38 migrant children. When the case begins, it dives deeper into the mysteries of multiple personalities, leaving the case unsolved and justice unserved. However, there was a lot more to the climax. If this movie’s ending left you puzzled and your mind frantically searching for answers, read on to find out its explanation.

Oh, and stating the obvious, SPOILER ALERT!

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Nail Polish on ZEE5 is an intriguing courtroom mystery that takes us on a very unexpected ride. This is a courtroom drama like no other. After Veer Singh (Manav Kaul) is accused of the rape and murder of 2 (or as you know, it could’ve been 38) migrant children, Lawyer Jaisingh fights to prove his innocence and Lawyer Amit Kumar fights to prove otherwise.

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Multiple witnesses are produced, proofs are shown, but whether Veer Singh committed the murders, remains unknown. That is, what the movie says for the most part. However, after Veer injures the goon leader of the jail and gets beaten up by them, he suffers a big trauma. Due to this, his mind snaps and takes up a completely different identity of a woman, called Charu Raina. Or at least, that is what Veer wants everyone, including the audience, to believe.

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While previously everyone thinks that Veer is only doing drama, trying to show everyone that he is mentally unstable, the revelation comes when he doesn’t stop the act even in front of Jaisingh. Jaisingh also tries to convince Veer that this won’t help the case and he should drop the act but Veer (or now, Charu) doesn’t understand what he’s saying. At this point, and also at the point where the inmates sexually abuse Charu (or Veer?), the audience is convinced that the identity splitting is definitely not an act. The psychiatrist in the film (Shivkumar Subramaniam) tells the judge and the lawyers that identity disorder can happen due to trauma. This trauma, for Veer, was the (false?) accusation and the jail beating.

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When he is hypnotized in his Charu-identity, we find out about his past and how his mind got hold of this identity, that was the 32 years old woman from Kashmir. After this revelation, Jaisingh demands a mistrial, meaning the case will be deemed invalid because his client Veer Singh no longer exists. Prosecutor Amit Kumar tries to convince the court for one last time that this is all an act. The judge, however, rules it in favour of Jaisingh, bringing the case to a comatose stage.

The parents of the dead kids do not get their justice. Although, the judge also announces that Veer Singh will forever remain in the government’s psychiatric ward and if he snaps back to his true identity even for a second, the case will then resume from the same point.

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However, if you closely watch Manav Kaul in the film, while sitting in the court for his hearing, he has a habit of fidgeting with a paperweight. And, when he becomes Charu, he is always scared and sits timidly. As soon as the final judgment is announced, we see Charu picking up the paperweight again. Where did that comfort come from for her? And of course, the final look that Veer/Charu gives to the camera holding the paperweight sends us all in a frenzy. This last look and the paperweight does tell us that Charu, the timid personality was all Veer’s play, so he could get saved from the life sentence for his crimes. How he went through all the traumas in prison as Charu, and yet did not snap back, can be explained by how big of a psychopath he was. If he did really kill, torture, and abuse the children, he was a psychopath who could even live through his own pain, just to stay alive and out of prison.

However, it could also mean that Charu just picked the paperweight out of curiosity and the identity was not a lie. Or, that Veer’s illness of dissociative identity disorder is real and this was a third personality cropping up. This ending, reminding us of the film Shutter Island, leaves us with a big question. Still, the possibility that it was all Veer’s play is the most legit explanation.

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Watch this mind-bending thriller, Nail Polish, on ZEE5.

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