Nail Biting Vendetta To Intriguing Storyline; Here’s how Critics And Media Reviewed ‘Taish’

Taish is a new crime thriller series streaming on ZEE5. Here’s a look how Taish impressed the audience and the film critics.

Aditi Sharma

November 2, 2020

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ZEE5 Original series Taish released recently in two formats-as a movie as well as series. This interesting concept was much-awaited by fans and as soon as the series premiered on ZEE5, there were several reviews for Taish. The thriller received positive reviews from several film analysts and publications. From calling it a nail-biting vendetta to unpredictable and intriguing, here’s how Taish is winning critic’s hearts.

Bhavikk Sangghvi – 4/5

Film critic Bhavikk Sangghvi reviewed Taish as an edge-of-the-seat thriller with unexpected twists and turns. He also hailed Pulkit Samrat and Harshvardhan Rane’s performance. Bhavikk also called Kriti Kharbanda charming and appreciated director Bejoy Nambiar for his work. He ended his review in a quirky way by saying – “Karo Ash, dekho ‘Taish’!”.

Bhawana Somaya – 3.5/5

Bhawana Somaya, the film journalist quoted Taish as Bejoy Nambiar’s ‘most mature film’. She also mentioned that Bejoy didn’t underestimate his audience. Somaya also called Taish an aesthetic, sensitive and chilling movie.

Divya Solgama – 4/5

Film critic Divya Solgama hailed Pulkit Samrat and Harshvardhan Rane by calling them – deadly Rane & tough Samrat. He also called Taish a nail-biting vendetta drama showcasing the mighty clash of the leads.

First Post 3.5/5

According to the First Post, Taish justified the literal meaning of the word that is wrath and passion. The review was focussed on how the film was intriguing at the start with an added element of humour and also how Bejoy’s filmography elements were reflected in his craft. The review also pointed out that the screenplay turned out to be a little familiar to Hollywood storylines, however, the filmography has a simple look to it rather than any luxurious add ons to it. The First Post review also hailed the cast’s performance and how they showed a distinct versatility in their portrayal on-screen.

IWM Buzz – 4/5

IWM Buzz quotes Taish as a big-screen experience in every aspect. The review also appreciated Bejoy Nambiar for his work. According to IWM Buzz, Taish was engaging and a beautifully mounted saga of affluence, crime and vengeance. The review also pointed out how Harshvardhan Rane stole the show with his acting skills. On a whole, Taish is called a picture-perfect and turmoil-infested movie by IWM Buzz.

The Hindu

The Hindu quoted Taish as a visually engaging movie. The review pointed out that Bejoy Nambiar’s typical filmography style of visual and graphics was evident in his new craft too. According to The Hindu, Taish lacked the ability for character development. It also mentioned that except Harshvardhan Rane’s character no other character portrayal was justified on-screen. On a whole, The Hindu quoted Taish as visually intriguing but lack in substance.

The Indian Express

According to Indian Express, Taish gives the creators the luxury of building on thematic threads. It also pointed out that the movie is well-shot and well-produced. The review also pointed out that the use of authentic Punjabi for dialogues can cause confusion as many viewers may not understand it.

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Netizens review Taish

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