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Naga Bhairavi: Here’s what happened in the premiere episode of the Pawon Sai starrer show!

Sneha Bale

October 14, 2020

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The much-awaited Zee Telugu show, Naga Bhairavi has finally premiered and we know what all the hype was about. If you missed it, allow us to give you a glimpse into this new world.

Naga Bhairavi is the latest Zee Telugu show, which is named after its protagonists and the lead pair, Nagarjuna and Bhairavi. Pawon Sai of Muddha Mandarama and Yashmi Gowda of Trinayani will be playing the lead roles. These youngsters live in a world familiar to our reality. They meet and fall in love because fate has decided to intertwine their lives and history. There is a past that connects them for a graver cause. Nagarjuna and Bhairavi share an ancestry which is protected by Lord Shiva and threatened by some evil serpents, called Nagulu and Saanvi.

Watch the full episode here or read the highlights below:

A tiger chases a deer, and Nagarjuna chases them to hunt. His bow hits a snake’s burrow and a large snake moves out and follows Nagarjuna. In this chase, Nagarjuna enters a restricted area, where no one has ever returned from. But Nagarjuna feels delighted upon seeing a colourful forest and even lands his eyes on a beautiful woman. Despite trying to shoo him away, the lady saves Nagarjuna from the serpent. They end up jumping down a waterfall and before they hit any ground, Nagarjuna wakes up in his house. This is a recurrent dream, which he did not comprehend.

A still from Naga Bhairavi
A still from Naga Bhairavi (Source: ZEE5)

An old and aggressive monk earns a highly respected stature because of his foresight and helpful nature. He tells Bhairavi’s grandmother to stay cautious since their village was to see some difficult times. Nagarjuna greets everyone with a smile and keeps a track of his employee’s health, family and other updates. As his sister rages furiously in the meeting room because of the lack of Nag’s time sense, he casually comes and slays an important pitch and earns a huge profit for his company. They laugh out loud after everyone leaves and talk about how big their pharma company will be one day.

Later, Bhairavi goes to a mall with her friends and Nagarjuna comes to the same place for another meeting. Is this where they meet? Will Nag recognise Bhairavi as the girl from his dreams? Does Bhairavi has an idea of who Nagarjuna is?

Stay tuned to watch what happens in the show, a day before everyone else with ZEE5 Club Pack. You can now watch the second episode of Naga Bhairavi here.

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