Naga Bhairavi: Actor and producer Pawon Sai takes us behind the scenes of the fiction-show to reveal some interesting details

Naga Bhairavi is the much-awaited show which has finally seen its premiere. Now, take a look at the things that go behind making this show and Pawon Sai takes us through it.

Sneha Bale

October 22, 2020


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Naga Bhairavi is the latest fiction show on Zee Telugu. It stars some of the biggest television actors like Pawon Sai, Kalki Raja, Ashwini, Yashmi Gowda, Jackie, Shiva Shankar Master, and others. It made many claims to bring something on the small screen that was never seen before. And after watching it premiere episode, we’re sure the claims will stand true and make Telugu television viewers proud of something so new, original and of higher quality. After the release, the lead actor decided to take us through the journey and here’s all that they revealed.

Watch the promo of the next episode here:

Pawon Sai comes to the small screen once again, after establishing himself as an undefiable actor with Muddha Mandaram. The actor revealed how too many people and their ceaseless hard work has gone into making the show what it is. He promises that the graphics and technology used in the show haven’t been explored on South Indian small screen. Pawon calls the director, Varansh Dev Anna to be as good as SS Rajamouli, for the television industry.

In an interesting scene, the team witnessed Pawon’s hard work when he refused to compromise on a scene which required him to have horse-riding training. The actor trained daily for a week and then shot for the show. The producers also happily appointed a noted Tollywood stunt directed, Joshua Master, to choreograph certain sequences. The director revealed this bit of information whilst taking pride in his association with the show.

The cinematographer for this show is a popular DOP in Tollywood too. He, too, expressed immense joy in being a part of a show that could possibly set a new benchmark for the small screen. He spoke about how they deployed an industrial crane to shoot one sequence involving the moon, at night, at a height of 125 ft. That’s how har the team is going for, for perfection, and they are dealing with another team in Mumbai to perfect the CG elements.

Lastly, Pawon joined Kalki, another actor who gained fame through the Zee Telugu show, Gundamma Katha. The two have been in talks for collaboration for nearly five years and just when they were brainstorming to create something interesting, Naga Bhairavi came their way. This project impressed them and the two actors decided to turn producers for it under their banner Team 27, since they are both born on August 27.

The young producers have found the best of artists in each department and plan on making Naga Bhairavi a huge success. How do you feel about this show? Tell us in the comments below. Watch the show here.

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