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Naagini 2: What Does Trishul Decide To Do About The Dream?


September 12, 2020

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As Trishul dreams of Shivani getting stabbed, here’s the action he takes!

As we know in the previous episodes of Naagini 2, Trishul is heartbroken and wonders where he went wrong in proving his love. He also thinks about the background that he comes from and curses himself for not being up to Shivani’s standard. Just as he is thinking about her, he falls asleep only to get a dream wherein they have all gathered for the engagement where she gets stabbed before getting engaged.

In this week’s episode, we see that Trishul feels extremely strongly about the dream and so decides to take it upon himself to convince Shivani about the fact that she should not get married as it will end her life. As she does not respond to his messages, he goes over to her house to tell her that she is making a mistake and even though he does not want to come in between her personal life, he needs to save her as he has foreseen something that might cause her death. She does not listen to him and instead tells him to get out of her house so that she does not have to see him ever again.

Trishul and Shivani

The next day, Shivani goes out to buy the needful for her engagement with Trivikrama. As she is going on a lonely road, she notices that the road is blocked. When she gets out of her car, someone in a mask kidnaps her. It is revealed that the man behind the mask is Trishul and tries to tell her about the dream and the fact that it will come true. He also promises to stay away from her and never disturb her but requests her to cancel the engagement so that nothing bad happens.

The next day, Shivani is sleeping when she gets the exact same dream that Trishul had told her about. Neeli comes in and asks her why she looks so tense and Shivani tells her about the dream.

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