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Here’s What Neeli Has To Say To Shivani In Naagini 2


September 15, 2020

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What advice is given to Shivani about Trishul and Trivikrama? Read on to know more.

As we know in the previous episodes of Naagini 2, we see that Trishul feels extremely strongly about the dream and so decides to take it upon himself to convince Shivani about the fact that she should not get married as it will end her life. As she does not respond to his messages, he goes over to her house to tell her that she is making a mistake and even though he does not want to come in between her personal life, he needs to save her as he has foreseen something that might cause her death. She does not listen to him and instead tells him to get out of her house so that she does not have to see him ever again.

In this episode, Trivikrama follows Trishul and Shivani to ask them what they were doing in the middle of the forest to which Trishul says that he was on his way to another place when he saw Shivani standing in front of a snake. As she was very scared to move, he helped her do the same. Trivikrama tells him that he was very brave to have done the same but wonders why Shivani is not saying anything. Later that day, Neeli tells Shivani that she wants to talk to her. She tells her that she has taken her engagement with Trivikrama so seriously that she has managed to ignore what Trishul has told her about the dream. Neeli also says that only both of them are aware of the fact that Trivikrama and Adisesha are one and the same. However, they must be prepared for something of that sort happening again.


They continue to talk about the same wherein Neeli tells her that Trishul has repeatedly warned them about the dream and that they must look into the matter. As she is talking, Shivani tells her that Trivikrama does not have it in him to kill her. She also says that he is a very nice man and would never think of hurting her. Moreover, she gets angry and says that as he is Adisesha, he will never imagine killing her.

Elsewhere, Trishul is scared about what he saw in the dream and wonders how to fix this situation. He also contemplates if telling Trivikrama will be the right thing to do.

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