Naagini 2: Trishul To Tell Trivikrama About The Girl He Loves

Check out how problems are bound to be created as Trishul and Trivikrama are, both, in love with Shivani


August 21, 2020


3 min


In the previous episodes of Naagini 2, Shivani’s love story with Trishul as well as Trivikrama has only gotten more complex as we wonder if she will be able to identify who her true love is. As we see, Shivani tells Neeli that she is getting mixed signals from both of them and is not able to figure out this confusion that she has gotten herself into.

Recently, things are building up even more between Shivani, Trishul, and Trivikrama as they all try to figure out their feeling of love. While there is a certain unresolved tension between them, Shivani has still not been able to figure out who her Adisesha really is.

Meanwhile, Trishul decides to go to her house and talk to her about his feelings. He wants to get a certain clarity with regard to what she feels and where she sees them in the near future. While Trishul has also gone over to tell her something important, she refuses to listen to anything he has to say as she still feels like there are more chances that Trivikrama is her Adisesha and not Trishul. He tells her that she will regret not listening to him and he leaves.

Trivikrama and Trishul

Trivikrama, elsewhere, has come to the realisation that he is in love with Shivani and she is surely the girl that he wants to spend his life with. However, as Trishul and Trivikrama do not know the girl that they are in love with, Trishul decides that he must tell him as they have been friends from such childhood. While he also wants to make things better with Shivani, he is also excited to tell someone who is like his brother about the girl that he is madly in love with.

Things are about to get interesting as the two best friends who are more of brothers than anything else are in love with the same woman. It will be interesting to see who Shivani chooses to be with and what happens when she does not choose the other. Is this the end of a friendship or the beginning of a love story?

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