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Naagini 2: This Is How Trishul Tries To Save Shivani From Being Killed


September 22, 2020

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Here’s everything that you need to know from the latest episodes of Naagini 2

As we know in the previous episodes of Naagini 2, Trivikrama follows Trishul and Shivani to ask them what they were doing in the middle of the forest to which Trishul says that he was on his way to another place when he saw Shivani standing in front of a snake. As she was very scared to move, he helped her do the same. Trivikrama tells him that he was very brave to have done the same but wonders why Shivani is not saying anything. Later that day, Neeli tells Shivani that she wants to talk to her.

In this episode, it is revealed that Shivani is kidnapped by a woman who is trying to protect Digvijay. Shivani tells her that the woman is unaware of the kind of power she possesses and that she must be careful before she can make her next move. The woman tells Shivani that she has taken the form of Trivikrama and will attack Shivani before she can even expect it. She also says that she has spent most of her life trying to catch hold of her and will not let go of this opportunity. Shivani is confused and wonders what she can do to save the whole situation including her lover Trivikrama.

The woman that kidnaps Shivani

Elsewhere, Trishul notices that the set up where Shivani and Trivikrama will be getting married is exactly at the same location that was in his dream. He becomes more and more sure of the fact that his dream might come true and that he would have to do something about the same. So, he decides to go to Trivikrama’s room and pretends to help him get ready for the engagement. He also notices that the knife with which he had stabbed Shivani in the dream is lying on the bed. Trishul thinks of ways to get the knife. He also makes conversation with Trivikrama to ask him what has been happening lately. While Trivikrama asks Trishul why he is acting so strange, Trishul manages to get a hold of the knife and hides the same.

When Trivikrama goes downstairs after getting ready, Digvijay tells him that he has forgotten to wear the knife and gives him the same. Trishul is shocked and wonders how to stop this situation.

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