Naagini 2: Shivani Gets Mixed Signals From Trishul And Trivikrama

Shivani can’t figure out the confusion that she has gotten herself into. Details inside.


August 19, 2020


3 min


In the previous episodes of Naagini 2, Shivani and Trivikrama have decided to go to the temple together. While Shivani is still confused as to who her Adisesha really is, she takes things forward with Trivikrama instead of Trishul. There are also certain changes that are coming about since Trivikrama met Shivani. Not only has he started believing in God, but he has also realised what it means to care for someone.

In this week’s episode, Shivani’s love story with Trishul as well as Trivikrama has only gotten more complex as we wonder if she will be able to identify who her true love is. As we see, Shivani tells Neeli that she is getting mixed signals from both of them and is not able to figure out this confusion that she has gotten herself into. She also expresses her grief to say that she does not know how to make this easier and is losing all hope as the day passes by. Neeli tells her that the only thing she mustn’t lose is hope as that is what will help her in the most difficult situations. Moreover, she tells her that Lord Shiva will always give her his blessings even if it might not seem like that at this point in time.


Elsewhere, Digvijay makes sure that he mixes the magical portion that has been given by the Guruji in the milk that Trivikrama is drinking on a daily basis. Trivikrama begins to tell Digvijay that he has fallen in love with a girl as he always feels like he has been cast under a spell in her presence. Digvijay is not too happy to hear the same and makes it a point to tell Guruji about how his son might be in trouble. That night, the same bird that Shivani had seen in the temple flies into her room with a letter sent to her by Trishul telling her how much he loves her. She assumes it is Trivikrama and happily shares the news with Neeli who tells her that everything has a certain time at which events take place. The next day, she decides to meet Trivikrama and calls him home. He is mesmerised when he sees Shivani all dressed up in a silk saree.

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