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Naagini 2: Neeli Sacrifices Her Life To Save Shivani


October 1, 2020

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Neeli gives up her life for Shivani who cannot handle the truth about her best friend

In the previous episodes of Naagini 2, we see that Shivani enters Digvijay’s house while also taking the form of a snake to discover further information about her lover Adisesha. Neeli also advises Shivani to think about the decisions she makes as sometimes it can be at the cost of the other members of the Naagaloka. Trishul, on the other hand, is still confessing his feelings for Shivani who is looking for Adisesha.

Here’s everything that you need to know from last week’s episodes of Naagini 2.

Neeli takes the form of Shivani to find out more about Trishul’s dream. We also see that she decides to counter the Devi that has told her that she will make sure Shivani’s life ends. However, the Devi kidnaps her and tells her that she has made a mistake coming to her. As a result, she kills Neeli. Shivani comes to know the same and realises that Neeli sacrificed her life for Shivani. As Neeli dies, the engagement breaks and Shivani goes back to her house. Trishul, on the other hand, is relieved that the engagement did not take place as Shivani’s life was at risk.

Trivikrama and Shivani

Shivani goes back home and begins to mourn the death of her friend. She tells herself that she was stubborn and should have listened to Neeli and Trishul when they told her that her life was at risk. She also cries about the fact that Neeli has been with her every step of the way and Shivani could not even save her life. Trivikrama, on the other hand, is upset that the engagement did not take place but is more worried about Shivani. When Digvijay and his mother try to console him, he shouts at them and tells them not to bother him as he does not want to talk to anybody.

Trivikrama decides to go and meet Shivani who is still wearing the engagement outfit. When he tries to console her, she tells him that she wants some time alone and does not want to talk to anyone. However, Trivikrama consoles her and spends time with her.

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