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Naagini 2: Latest Updates From The Show That You Must Know About


October 9, 2020

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Check out what Trishul does for Shivani with the help of Trivikrama

In the previous episodes of Naagini 2, Digvijay sends Trishul to Shivani’s house as she is still grieving the death of her best friend Neeli. When Trishul goes there, he sees that Shivani is crying to herself and has not changed from the engagement outfit since the death of her friend. As he is standing outside, he wipes his tears and pretends to be perfectly alright. He calls Shivani and tells her to let him into the house, to which she says that she does not want to talk to anyone else. He tells her that he has come to make sure that she feels better and if she does not open the door for him then he will call Trivikrama and lie to him about how she is doing.

Trivikrama has sent Trishul to look after Shivani as she is still grieving the death of her best friend Neeli. Even though Shivani is irritated with Trishul, he continues to take care of her and makes sure that she does not break down again by giving her whatever she wants. However, he is also there to make sure that she does not leave the house and is kept protected as they suspect that certain people are out there trying to kill Shivani. While Trishul does not tell her about the same, she calls Trivikrama and tells him that she wants to meet him but Trishul is not allowing him to do the same. Trivikrama, then, tells her to give the phone to Trishul so he can talk to him.

Trivikrama talks to Shivani

Trivikrama comes up with a plan and tells Trishul the next few steps that he must take. Trishul, following his guidelines, gives Shivani milk to drink before she goes to bed. As she is drinking it, she feels dazed and falls asleep immediately. It is revealed that Trishul gave her a certain medicine so that she doesn’t wake up and decides to take her somewhere.

The next day, Shivani wakes up in a tent and wonders how she got there. When she opens the tent, she sees a beautiful scenery but is still wondering how she got there. Just then, Trishul comes and tells her that as she wanted to get out of the house, the brought her to a place like this one. She gets irritated and asks him to take her back but he refuses.

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