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Naagini 2: Has Adisesha Taken The Form Of Trishul


September 25, 2020

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Shivani needs to realise that Adisesha is Trishul and not Trivikrama. Read more.

In the previous episodes of Naagini 2, we see that Shivani enters Digvijay’s house while also taking the form of a snake to discover further information about her lover Adisesha.

Neeli also advises Shivani to think about the decisions she makes as sometimes it can be at the cost of the other members of the Naagaloka. Trishul, on the other hand, is still confessing his feelings for Shivani who is looking for Adisesha.

When Shivani prevented from going back to the human form in Digvijay’s house, we see that the moment Trishul enters, she is able to fight the evil powers in the house and take back the form of Shivani.

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