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Naagini 2: What Does Shivani Do To Stop Trivikrama’s Marriage?


August 11, 2020

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Shivani crosses all obstacles to stop Trivikrama from taking things forward with the girl that he could have married

In the previous episodes of Naagini 2, we see that Digvijay is shouting at Trishul and Trivikrama for not doing the work that he had assigned them with. He tells Trivikrama that he does not have a sense of responsibility and expresses his disappointment. We also see how Trishul tries to save him but is unable to do the same.

In this week’s episode, we see that Digvijay has decided to get Trivikrama married. When Shivani comes to know about the same, she panics and asks Neeli what they must do next. Neeli tells her that they are not able to do anything at that moment because the woman with whom they have fixed an arrangement is already in their house. Neeli also tries to calm her down and tells her that they are only in talks and nothing has been finalised as yet. However, Shivani tells her that if something gets finalised then there is nothing that they will be able to do. Shivani tells Neeli that she will take care of the issue and she leaves to go to Digvijay’s house. Before that, Neeli tells her not to enter their house as they have a spell that will trap any sort of Naagini.

Trivikrama gets scared

At Digvijay’s house, they have all gathered in their house wherein he introduces Trivikrama to the girl that he might get married to. When they decide to talk, Shivani uses her supernatural powers to make the girl look like a witch. While the girl has no idea what happened, Trivikrama gets scared and leaves the house. As he has not given Digvijay any reason for the same, he is angry. Trivikrama, however, goes and meets Shivani who thinks that he is Adisesha. She tries to tell him that he has come from a special place as he has a very unique birthmark and there is someone special who is meant for him. He tells her if that is the case, then even Trishul is very special as he has the same birthmark. This confuses Shivani as she wonders who her Adisesha really is.

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