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Naagin 2: Trishul Dreams Of Shivani Getting Stabbed


September 8, 2020

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Catch what Trishul sees in his dream which is a sign to stop the engagement

As we know in the previous episodes of Naagini 2, Trishul is confused at first but realises that Shivani is the same girl that both of them are in love with. He is upset and almost in tears. However, he decides to sacrifice his love and tells Trivikrma to go meet her. Trishul finally decides to back out for the sake of his friendship with Trivikrama and pretends to meet Shivani for the first time the next day.

In this episode, we see that the engagement of Shivani and Trivikrama has been fixed. Trishul is heartbroken and wonders where he went wrong in proving his love. He also thinks about the background that he comes from and curses himself for not being of a standard that matches Shiavni’s standard. Just as he is thinking about her, he falls asleep only to get a dream wherein they have all gathered for the engagement including himself. He is more than hurt to see Shivani becoming a part of someone else’s life especially Trivikrama which means that he will always be around her. Just as they announce that the two will be getting engaged, they also perform the ring ceremony. Shivani makes Trivikrama wear the ring. However, when his turn comes, he stabs Shivani in the stomach.


Trishul suddenly wakes up as he sees Shivani getting stabbed. His mother comes into the room and asks him why he seems so tense to which he says that he had a very bad dream. His mother also says that the dreams that are seen in the mornings always come true. Trishul gets even tenser but does not tell her the kind of dream he saw.

He also sends Shivani a voice note, asking her not to get engaged as it could be a threat to her life. When she doesn’t reply to the same, he goes to her house and asks her if she has heard the voice note that he sent her. Shivani, in turn, shouts at him and tells him to leave the house.

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