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Naagin 2: Catch Up With All The Details Regarding Shivani’s Kidnapping


September 19, 2020

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Catch up with all the details regarding Shivani being kidnapped

As we know in the previous episodes of Naagini 2, Trivikrama follows Trishul and Shivani to ask them what they were doing in the middle of the forest to which Trishul says that he was on his way to another place when he saw Shivani standing in front of a snake. As she was very scared to move, he helped her do the same. Trivikrama tells him that he was very brave to have done the same but wonders why Shivani is not saying anything. Later that day, Neeli tells Shivani that she wants to talk to her. She tells her that she has taken her engagement with Trivikrama so seriously that she has managed to ignore what Trishul has told her about the dream.

Here’s everything that you need to know about this week’s episodes of Naagini 2.

Digvijay and his men capture Shivani by playing the wind instrument around her. As she refuses to take the form of a snake, they slowly notice the effect that the instrument is having on her body. They also take a video of the same wherein they see her real Naagini form coming to life. They also send this video to Digvijay so that he comes to know the truth about her. When he sees it, he directs them to capture her and tie her up in the forest. His men do the same and tell her that she is going to die very soon as she will be killed just the way Adisesha was. Shivani, who is furious with them, tells them that they will not be able to kill her as she is very powerful and equipped enough to harm them instead.

Shivani and Trishul

Digvijay comes just then and furiously shouts at her. He asks her what she wants and why she has come into their life to which she tells him that he will die if he does not return the Naagamani that he had stolen years ago. He also tells her that she will die a very cruel death if she does not stop snooping around his house. As she does not give up, he points the gun at her and is ready to kill her. However, his brother calls from home and tells him that everyone including Shivani is waiting for him to come back. He is utterly confused and asks Shivani who the real Naagini is and if someone else has taken her form.

Shivani does not answer the same. Elsewhere, Trishul sees the Shivani who is at home, wearing the same necklace that he sees in his dream. He also notices that Trivikrama is wearing the same outfit for his engagement that he had seen in the dream and everything is happening the way he saw it. He is afraid that Shivani might get stabbed just as he had predicted and thinks of what to do next.

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