Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India Is Proof That Allu Arjun Is The Ultimate Stylish Star

Sneha Bale

September 22, 2019


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Aztec jackets


In the 2018 patriotic-action film, Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India, Allu Arjun showcased a new side of his personality. While his acting, dancing and fighting skills are tremendously appreciated, we decided to take a look at something else. His moniker or the title given to Allu Arjun is ‘Stylish Star’ speaks volume and we cannot dismiss how effortlessly he carries the most extravagant outfit with flair.

If you thought Aztec prints were too 2014, think again my friend. Or maybe have a look at this man! Who said you can’t wear Aztec with other prints and patterns? Take a look at that baggy out-lined pant.

Graphic prints


Do you remember the good old days when you would paint your pants or stick patches? Yes, we were all in our teens or early 20s. But only Allu Arjun can pull that off at the age of 36.



Here, Allu Arjun pulls off something that’s beyond our imagination. A shimmery green jacket with a shimmery gold t-shirt, not to forget – on a bright sunny day. How does he still rock it?

Hot red and faux leather


Aztec and shimmer were still “basic”. Let’s move to the more “boujee” part of the Stylish Star’s fashion closet. A wise person once said it takes a certain amount of guts and strength to pull off a red piece of clothing. But with AA it’s not the case. Just a red jacket? Eh! Too basic, he throws in a blingy black-and-gold t-shirt with patterned faux leather pants. How about that!



Too much bling? Said Allu Arjun never! You might want to freeze your eyes on that picture because it takes some time to believe that you could make something so blingy look so cool. One may consider it for a party night, but Allu Arjun pulls off the look with elan!



This outfit is a perfect amalgamation of black and gold. It comprises black sneakers, pants, a blingy t-shirt, oversized faux leather, a snapback, all of which are in the same hue. He complements the monochrome look with a lot of thick gold chains. *phewww* This look reminds us of iconic hip-hop artistes. but more than anyone else, Allu Arjun here is boujee and a sight for sore eyes.



It’s a known fact that ethnic wear demands a lot of effort. But Allu Arjun dons it with ease. Here, he sports a pair of velvet dhoti pants with a velvet half-sleeved shirt. He lends a certain amount of bling to the outfit by adding a golden broach to his pocket square. A pair of ‘golden’ shoes completes the look . Whoever said bling was too OTT has been proved wrong!

Only Allu Arjun can cook these fusion outfits and rock them too. All hail the ‘Stylish Star’, Allu Arjun!

Looking for fashion inspo? Check him out in Duvvada Jagannatham on ZEE5.

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