Mumbai Rains: 60-Year-Old Woman Stood In Water For 7 Hours To Alert People

Kanti Murti Kalan stood for hours close to an open manhole on a waterlogged highway in Matunga, alerting people to avoid them from falling into it.

Jessica David

August 11, 2020

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On a day when Mumbai was battling torrential rain, the best in very many years, 60-year-old Kanta Murti Kalan stood for seven hours close to an open manhole, on a waterlogged highway, in Matunga. She was alerting people so that nobody falls into the manhole. She was there for seven hours earlier before the civic staff finally arrived. Kalan, a flower vendor, misplaced her home and financial savings within the deluge. Five of her kids are married, while she funds the schooling of her three youngsters by selling flowers on the roadside.

Kalan told a news channel, “I support my three children’s education by selling flowers and I am the only earning member in the family as my husband is paralysed after meeting with a railway accident.” The video of her standing close to a manhole for seven hours had gone viral and she was additionally scolded by the civic authorities for jeopardising her life. Kalan added, “I uncovered the manhole and drained the water. Then I stood there to warn vehicles. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials came later and scolded me.”

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