Mudumalai Tiger Reserve’s Majestic Elephant Ronaldo Dies After Deadly Fire Attack

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve’s beloved giant, Ronaldo, a majestic elephant passed away after suffering severe burns recently.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 29, 2021

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Elephants are known for their magnificence and how fascinating they are to human beings. Despite being gigantic in size, they often possess a lot of gentleness towards human beings. Recently, Tamil Nadu’s Mudumalai Tiger Reserve lost one of its most friendly elephants after it suffered a deadly attack by some people. It was already injured and on the road to recovery but another severe wound made it succumb to death.

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Amongst the healthy and intelligent wildlife at the reserve, Ronaldo, a tusker, was one of the main attractions for the visitors. He was the most majestic with beautiful long tusks. A matter of pride for the entire Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, Ronaldo was exceptionally friendly with people, despite being a wild animal. But a tragedy struck him a few months ago when it suffered a deep injury on his back. It was predicted that the wound occurred during a fight with another elephant in the wild. Forest officials attempted at curing the animal as much as possible. They tranquilised the elephant late in December to take a closer look at his injury. They examined the wound and tried to treat it better and some decent improvement was observed as well. But in January when it wandered off into private property, its residents attacked him with fire to try scaring him off. However, not only did they scare him, but they also flung the burning cloth onto his head.

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An already weak elephant, Ronaldo ran away from the location in absolute terror with the cloth burning on his ear. By the second week of January, a harmless Ronaldo was severely bleeding and the forest department tranquilised him again to provide immediate medication to him. Soon he was boarded onto a truck for transport but it was already too late. He passed away and was left deep in the middle of the forest for scavengers to consume instead of burying or burning his body.

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Mudumalai Tiger Reserve is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, and is an absolute delight for any wildlife lover. The forest has a highway passing through it which acts as a vital link and some traffic on the road is a usual occurrence during the day time. While driving on the road, passersby are prone to spotting elephants, deers, and the Indian bison. If one is too lucky, they could also spot tigers and leopards on the way.

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