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Muddha Mandaram 17 May 2019 Preview: Abhi Challenges Akhilandeswari

Sneha Bale

May 17, 2019

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He tells her that he will steal her money again. He may be a reincarnation of Akhilandeswari’s dead son Deva. But is he really as good as Deva was?

Relationships in the Telugu TV show Muddha Mandaram have always been delicate, just like its title. After Deva and Parvathi passed away in a road accident, we saw Abhi and Soundarya who seemed to be their reincarnation. Abhi is a man of his words and a person who cannot bear injustice, just like Deva. In the recent episodes, though his intentions aren’t flawed, his ways of working made us question things a lot. Here’s what will happen in the episode to be aired on May 17, 2019:

In the preview, we see that Akhilandeswari is busy celebrating Mother’s Day when Bhavani hands her the phone. When she answers, she realises that it is the same person who stole money from her, first on the death anniversary of Deva and Parvathi and then from Bhavani’s car. Abhi, who is thrilled to know that she hasn’t forgotten him, says that he is happy that he doesn’t have to introduce himself once again. Akhilandeswari is furious on hearing this, but she continues talking to him. That’s when Abhi tells Akhilandeswari that very soon he will be taking almost Rs 25 crores from her and she wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Muddha Mandaram ft Akhilandeswari
Akhilandeswari in a scene from Muddha Mandaram (Source: ZEE5)

He further adds that every time he is in need of money, he will take it from the Ghattammanenis and challenges her. Akhilandeswari confidently tells him that whoever has challenged her has never succeeded. Abhi replies saying that he hasn’t missed a target either. To this, Akhilandeswari responds saying that she will make him kneel and apologise for his crimes. He tells her to stop daydreaming and hangs up.

Muddha Mandaram ft Abhinandan
Abhinandan in a scene from Muddha Mandaram (Source: ZEE5)

Abhi has always been emotional and empathetic towards kids. Recently, he managed to rescue a bunch of kids who were forced to beg on the streets. Now that he has kept them in a safe space, he is also responsible for their well-being. His intentions aren’t wrong. But his ways make us question if he really is an incarnation of Akhilandeswari’s son Deva. Keep watching to know what happens next.

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