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Mrs Mukhyamantri’s Summi Becomes The Chairman Of The Factory, Here’s Why We Think She Deserves The Position

Kedar Koli

August 5, 2020

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Summi agreed to become the new Chairman after Anuradha offered her the post. Read on to know why we think she’s absolutely right for this position of power.

Mrs Mukhyamantri is a political drama that is based on the life of Samar (Tejas Barve) who aspires to become the Chief Minister of the state. He falls in love with a small-town girl named Summi (Amruta Dhongade) and gets married to her against the wishes of his family. While Samar is inclined towards politics, Summi is driven by her ambition to expand the business of her restaurant. She has tried to keep herself away from politics for as long as possible. But Summi was offered a position of power after Samar resigned from the post of the Chairman of the factory. Everyone in the family including Samar, Narasu, and Baban tried to convince Summi but to no avail. She accepted the position only after Samar threatened to jump off the roof.

Watch the episode where Samar announces that Summi has been appointed as the new Chairman. 

Now begins the real test of Summi, who was previously unsure about joining politics. However, we feel that Summi is going to slay it, just like before. Although Summi wasn’t appointed through voting, we think that Summi is absolutely right for the post of the Chairman. Here’s why we think she deserves the position.

Source: ZEE5

Summi has already proved that she can manage positions of power by contesting elections against her own mother-in-law Anuradha. She did extensive campaigning to win the elections with the help of Samar. Summi lacks political experience but has the confidence and flair required for the position. Although Anuradha and Narasu have tried meddling with Summi’s life, she has managed to establish herself as a successful businesswoman.

Source: ZEE5

Being the wife of Samar, she supported his political aspirations and helped him build a network with the voters. Her communication skills are absolutely on point and she can win over anyone with the gift of gab. After Summi becomes the Chairman of the factory, she will be connected with many other employees and associates. Rest assured, Summi will be doing a fine job in maintaining the relations with the fellow members of the factory. If all goes well for her at the factory, who knows she might actually end up in politics!

We wish Summi all the best for her journey as the new Chairman of the factory.

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