Mrs Mukhyamantri: Who Will Win The Elections – Summi Or Anuradha?

In Mrs Mukhyamantri, the two main women in Samar’s life have taken their rivalry to the next level. Tell us whom do you support!

Manjiri Shete

November 27, 2019


2 min


In our culture, we are used to seeing the cold war between the mother and her daughter-in-law. In between this war, you see the son get sandwiched, not knowing which party to support. A similar situation is seen in our favourite Marathi serial Mrs Mukhyamantri. We see Summi and her mother-in-law, Anuradha at loggerheads since both the ladies can’t seem to agree on anything. In between them, a poor Samar always tends to support his wife while disappointing his mother. Now, the situation has taken a serious turn after Summi and her mother-in-law are both standing for elections. Who do you think will win?

Watch an episode of Mrs Mukhyamantri below:

We are aware of the scene Samar’s mother created after her son didn’t get married to a girl belonging from a wealthy family. In her eyes, Samar’s choice Summi is a sheer disappointment which she has expressed time and again. Recently, the rivalry between the ladies got pretty heated up after Samar’s mother and Summi stood for elections. Samar’s mother being the affluent and experienced politician remains confident that she will win against Summi. On the other hand, Summi isn’t as competitive as Samar’s mother. However, on Summi’s behalf her father, Tatya decided to ask his family to campaign for Summi. We wonder if this will work given Samar’s mother has a stronger political reach.

We are secretly hoping that Summi wins as she has the strength in her to become a good politician. The results of the election will be out in the next episode. Until then, we will be at the edge of our seat, keeping our fingers crossed to see Summi’s victory. We would love to know your favourite candidate. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below.

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