Agga Bai Sasubai 19 October 2020 Written Update: Can Asawari Win Abhijeet’s Heart Again?

Asawari tries to win Abhijeet’s heart as he comes home for a ritual.

Rohan Patil

October 18, 2020



4 min


In the latest episode of the Zee Marathi show Agga Bai Sasubai, we will see how Shubhra, Asawari and Soham get to know that the fortune teller was a fraud and he has been arrested for fooling people for money. Shubhra then gets a call from Dattaji who ask her about the ritual for his son in law. On getting to know that they have not done it, Dattaji tells Shubhra to do it today and also send him a video of the ritual.

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Asawari cries after feeling guilty about making Abhijeet leave from the house. Shubhra tells her that she should call Abhijeet and apologise. Asawari shares that she does not have the courage to do so. Shubhra then reminds her of the ritual that Dattaji just told her. Shubhra assures Asawari that she Abhijeet will surely come for Dattaji. Shubhra then calls Abhijeet and hands over the phone to Asawari. Asawari tells Abhijeet about the ritual and asks him to come home for it. Abhijeet agrees and says he will come for Dattaji but he will leave soon as he has work to do. Both Shubhra and Asawari get excited on hearing this and start preparations to welcome Abhijeet.

Soham comes there and tells that Abhijeet has left her then why are they doing all this. Shubhra tells him that she will call and tell Dattaji about what he thinks. Soham gets scared and says it is okay do what you want to do. Abhijeet tells Shubhra that there was no need to do it on such grand scale and let’s get this done quickly so that he can leave. Abhijeet then sees Asawari dressed in a traditional saree who welcomes him with a wide smile on her face. Abhijeet tells her that he agreed to come for Dattaji. Abhijeet also shares that they should get the ritual done quickly as he is in a hurry to leave.

Abhijeet sits to get the rituals done and Shubhra tells Soham that he should be the one doing it in absence of Aajoba. Soham hesitates at first but when Shubhra tells him that she will call Aajoba and tell him about this, he agrees. Soham does the ritual of washing son in law’s feet in absence of Dattaji. As Abhijeet gets ready to leave, Shubhra tells him that he still has to eat with Asawari. Soham tries to interrupt Asawari and Abhijeet as they are about to sit for eating together but Shubhra stops him. Asawari and Abhijeet enjoy their food with smiles on their faces. Abhijeet also praises Asawari for the delicious food. Shubhra sends all these videos to Dattaji while an angry Soham watches. Does this mean Asawari and Abhijeet are back together again?

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