Mr And Mrs Rangegowda Will Teach You The Importance Of Education Throughout The Show!

The show is all about two characters juxtaposed against each other that bring out the role of education in our lives. Read more.


May 6, 2020

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The story of Mr And Mrs Rangegowda revolves around Rangegowda-played by Raghu- a villager who has not completed his education and Aishwarya, an educated girl who is determined to marry an educated man. However, the two unexpectedly fall in love and turn out to be the perfect partner for each other. Meanwhile, Aishwarya teaches us how education plays a role in our lives life-long.

Awareness And Knowledge

Education creates awareness about the world. Not only do we become knowledgeable and acquire information about the happenings around us but we also become more aware of what is happening and how to deal with situations that come our way.


Education provides stability. When one becomes aware of their surroundings, they also find themselves understanding the concept of problem-solving which is primarily taught from an early age in schools. When Aishwarya discovers problems in the house, she resorts to an organised and structured way of dealing with problems.

Mr And Mrs Rangegowda Will Teach You The Importance Of Education Throughout The Show!
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In order to see the world as a just and fair place, education is what we require. Education serves as an advocate for equal opportunities for everyone to get. Aishwarya fights for her rightful place and gets a stable job because of her marks and her educational qualifications.


As we see, Aishwarya is an independent girl who is also self-sufficient. Education helps us get a stable job and a definite income wherein we can also put our skill and talent to use. This way, an individual becomes self-efficient and able to earn his own living without depending on anyone.

Aishwarya Of Mr And Mrs Rangegowda Possesses All The Traits Of A Successful Woman!
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Societal Contribution

When you indulge in getting an education, you are able to contribute to society in some way or the other. You will find yourself using your time productively while also bringing about change and development in society.

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