Mouni Roy, The Star Of London Confidential Reveals Her Skin Beauty Routine

The gorgeous Mouni Roy shares her beauty secrets and simple tricks to attain clear, glowing skin just like her.


September 6, 2020


3 min


Have you ever wondered how Mouni Roy got her glowing skin? Over her fourteen-year career span, she has not only bowled us over with her amazing acting skills but also her radiant beauty. Stars like her have a very busy schedule, and makeup is a must for almost all their shots. You’ll see her in a brave new avatar in the upcoming film London Confidential on ZEE5, a story on RAW officers and their brush with death when stationed in London. Purab Kohli and Kulraj Randhawa will also be starring alongside her in this spy thriller.

Watch the amazing Mouni in action here.

So how does Mouni manage to keep her skin looking fresh even after the strenuous lifestyle? Is it a secret tip that she’s discovered over the years, or has she naturally had the beautiful skin all through her life without any effort. The latter option seems absurd as it’s impossible to have naturally glowing skin without the least bit of effort. Here’s what Mouni had to say when asked about her beauty secrets.

It’s the small habits that matter when it comes to having clear skin and healthy hair. Those who follow a clear diet tend to possess better skin as the stomach’s health is directly linked to the health of your skin and hair.

Like all of us, she has also made mistakes when it comes to following the right diet. But one thing that she swears is the regular intake of water. Having two glasses of lukewarm water in the morning on an empty stomach is very important. During your sleep the stomach doesn’t receive any food for many hours, so eating a ton of food in the morning as soon as you wake up is a bad idea.

Eating a banana early in the morning after drinking water is the perfect blend, as the banana is light on your stomach. It also gives you the required energy and is light on your liver.

For more such amazing tips and tricks, watch ZEE5.


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