Mother’s Day Special: Here Are 5 On-Screen Fathers Whose Paternal Love Surpasses All Else

Sneha Bale

May 9, 2020


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Prema Entha Madhuram's Subbu

For years, we have been hearing and witnessing that a mother-child connection is the strongest of all. Some fathers are able to strike the same connection with their children, and such relationships are often overlooked. While we’re a world full of stereotypes, there will always be people who break them. And this one is for such father, in reel life.

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Our first pick Padula Subramanium, better known as Subbu from the epic love story Prema Entha Madhuram. He is gentle, kind and caring – not only towards his daughter but to all people. Usually, kids to their mothers after being scolded by fathers. But that’s not the case with Anu and Subbu.

Ninne Pelladatha's Arjun Prasad

Arjun Prasad in Ninne Pelladatha is yet another benevolent man whose children find themselves closer to him. More importantly, Mrudula has a special connection with Arjun which surpasses the relationship with her biological father.

Ninne Pelladatha's Krishna Prasad

We all know how strict and difficult Brahmini used to be, once upon a time. Those were also crucial times for Madhu and Tanaya. While their mother was often around, it was Krishna Prasad who stood as an anchor for them.

No 1 Kodalu's Sundaram

Next, we have Sundaram from No 1 Kodalu. His relationship with Madhu, his son, and Sarsu, his niece, is truly incredible. Three of them possess similar qualities, such as empathy, kindness and honesty. Maybe it’s these qualities that have developed Sarsu and Sundaram’s relationship to be as good as that of a father-daughter one.

No 1 Kodalu's Arunbabu

Lastly, we have the least spoken-about person. That’s Arunbabu from No 1 Kodalu. For years, he has been overshadowed by his wife and a No 1 educationalist, Vagdevi. While their kids were raised to call their own mother as ‘Madam’, it was Arunbabu who played the role of a mother and a father for them.

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