Mother’s Day Special: 5 Filmy Moms Who Stole Our Hearts

Sneha Bale

May 12, 2019


1 min

1. Jaya Sudha in Bommarillu: Wants the best for you

They say gods couldn’t be everywhere, so they sent mothers to take care of everyone. And though we do not appreciate our mothers enough, it is a known fact that our lives would be miserable without them. Just like in films, in life our best companion is amma! Here we list five screen-mothers who we can’t get enough of.

Who better than veteran actor Jaya Sudha to start the list with. The actor has portrayed all of her characters with equal grace and poise. Watching her be the perfect companion to Siddharth in Bommarillu has us in happy tears every time.

2. Ramya Krishnan in Hello: The best friend you need

Ramya Krishnan in the Akhil Akkineni-starrer Hello or Jaya Sudha in Kotha Bangaru Lokam are the kind of mothers who seem to be perfect. But deep down inside, all mothers are alike, perfect and beautiful. In both of these films, the mothers know what their kids want and are there for them in every way possible. They are the best friends that we need more often than not.

3. Hema In Bijjugadu:-Will save you from troubles beforehand

Prabhas and Trisha-starrer Bujjigadu is an action comedy. But actor Hema, who plays Prabhas’ mother, adds an extra element of awesomeness to the film. She is calm and composed, pretty much the whole time. She will bear the brunt of all evil without uttering a single word. But the moment you try to hurt her son, she will bring down hell upon you. Truly, mothers have a sixth sense with which they make sure we are protected and safe.

4. Tulasi Shivaram in Nakshatram: Your go-to person

Clubbing and partying may be cool at first, but later you just want to sit and talk to someone, in the comfort of your own house. Sometimes all you need is a good chat with your mumma! And when your mom is like Tulasi Shivaram from Nakshatram, every day is a hyperactive and hilarious party.

5. Ramya Krishnan in Sailaja Reddy Alludu: Secretly does what's best for you

Let’s not deny that we are capable of doing the most stupid things without even realising whose emotions we may be hurting. And the number of times we hurt our moms? Uncountable! A bit of cold treatment every now and then is our only punishment. But even in those times, moms never forget to do what’s the best for us — just like Ramya Krishnan in Sailaja Reddy Alludu.

How about you head to ZEE5 now and check out the perfect film that describes your relationship with your mother? Call it a movie date today!

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