Mother’s Day Special: 5 Emotional Clips From Tollywood That Will Make Anyone Teary Eyed

Sneha Bale

May 10, 2020


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The power of a mother

Mother’s Day is around the corner. With the lockdown continuing in its place, there is very little for us to do for our mothers. However, we can all sit down together and enjoy a good film with a good meal. Films make us feel many things, and they have given us some great moments, too. Today, let us take a look at five moments involving on-screen mothers that really gave us tears.

The first one is from the climax of Jr NTR’s Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava. In this scene, Raghava explains the plight of mothers, who lost their sons and husbands to meaningless wars. Yet they never wished the same misery upon other women or their families. That’s the power of a mother and a wife.

The kindness of a mother

Here, we have a scene from Vijay Deverakonda’s Taxiwaala. Everyone is in need of money, and people go to great extents to earn something or save something. But when Vijay’s sister-in-law agrees to mortgage her mangal sutra for his new venture, she drives us all to tears. Because maternal feelings are not limited to a child born to her only.

The sacrifices

Mother’s make many sacrifices to give us a life that we can be happy about. In Mathangi, Ramya Krishna does something similar – even if it means pretending to hate on the man she loves. But hey, as much as mothers love their kids, we also find a way to make them happy, every once in a while. Similarly, her daughter, too, finds a way to make the estranged lovers meet again.

The special connection

We have witnessed it in several ways – mothers have a way of knowing what their kids want, irrespective of the distances between them. In Sai Pallavi’s Kanam, we see something similar. However, this film proves that a mother’s love does not bother about the real and spiritual realm, either.

The longing to be with mother

Often, mothers talk about how their kids were their support system in tough situations. Or about how they decided to live a better life for their kids. What they do not acknowledge is the fact that children derive all of their motivation and strength by looking at their mother, too. Nayanthara’s Coco Kokila puts this thought into a beautiful scene.

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